Glossary H

Hyperopia is defined as difficulty focusing on nearby objects (farsightedness). It is a condition causing poor vision in which people can see objects that are far away but do not see near objects clearly. Also called farsightedness.

Hyperoxia refers to oxygen concentration in an inspired gas that exceeds 21%.

Hyperoxia refers to compulsive sexuality due to overcompensating for negative reactions to childhood sexuality.

Hyperplasia refers to an increase in the number of cells in a tissue.

Hyperpolarization is defined as increased polarization across a membrane

Hypersexuality refers to abnormally expressive or aggressive sexual behavior, often in public; the term usually refers to behavior due to some disturbance of the brain. Hypersexuality is also defined as an excessive, insatiable sex drive in either men or women.
Hypersomnia - refers to a type of type of dyssomnia that involves being  chronically sleepy and sleeping for long periods at a time. Also means  sleeping too much or being too sleepy during the day. It is a sleeping disorder; an abnormally excessive sleep. A person with this condition  falls asleep several times a day.

Hypertension refers to excessively and abnormally high blood pressure that occurs when the supply of blood through the blood vessels is excessive, putting pressure on the vessel walls and can lead to deterioration of the cell tissue and hardening of the arterial walls; a risk factor for a variety of medical problems, including coronary artery disease. Hypertension is a major risk factor for stroke and heart and kidney disease that is intimately related to psychological factors . Hypertension is also known as High blood pressure.

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