Glossary M

Masochism is defined as pleasure from one's own pain; seeking of pleasure from being subjected to pain. It focuses on receiving pain and humiliation as the preferred or exclusive method of sexual arousal and orgasm . Masochism is considered a sexual disorder, or paraphilia . Masochism is named after the 19th-century Austrian writer Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (Masoch-ism)

Mass is defined as the amount of matter in a body.

Mass action is the theory that the cortex works as a whole, and the more cortex the better. Mass action also refers to the extent to which behavioral impairments are directly proportional to the mass of the removed brain tissue. Mass action is Lashley's observation that if cortical tissue is destroyed following the learning of a complex task, deterioration of performance on the task is determined more by the amount of tissue destroyed than by its location.

Mass delusion refers to the spontaneous outbreak of atypical thoughts, feelings , or actions in a group or aggregation, including psychogenic illness , common hallucinations , and bizarre actions.

Mass media is media intended for a large, public audience ; communications designed for widespread distribution, such as advertisements, films, and printed materials ; ; newspapers, magazines, books, radio, television, videos, and other means of communication that reach large audiences via an impersonal medium between the sender and the receiver.
Mass murder refers to the illegal killing of four (4) or more victims at one location, within one event. Mass murder is defined, also as the killing of several persons, in one act or transaction , by one perpetrator or a group of perpetrators.
Mass noun refers to noun that does not take the plural, examples are: advice, air, blood, equipment, food, furniture, garbage, graffiti, grass, homework, housework, information, knowledge

Mass psychogenic illness is the occurrence of illness, in a group of people, of similar physical symptoms with no known physical cause

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