Glossary S

Self -help Aids refer to materials that can be used by an individual on his or her own without the aid of a therapist to assist in the modification of a personal habit ; often used to combat s

- Self -help group : Self-help Group refers to a Group of people with similar problems who get together for mutual support and to campaign for improve

Self-injurious behavior (SIB) refers to a severe and sometimes life-threatening acts that cause damage to the subject’s own body, such as head banging, eye gouging, severe scratching, rumination , some types of pica, and inserting objects under the skin.

self -instructional training means teaching children to use verbal cues to process information, which are initially taught by the therapist or teacher, to keep themselves on task.

Self -Knowledge refers to the knowledge of one's own feelings , motivations, values, capabilities, beliefs .

Self -monitoring refers to a self-report technique in which the client (patient) keeps a record of the frequency of specified behaviors.

Self -report clinical inventory refers to a psychological test with standardized questions having fixed response categories that the test-taker completes independently, self-reporting the extent to which the responses are accurate characterizations .
self -stimulatory behaviors refer to repetitive body movements or movements of objects, such as hand flapping or spinning a pencil.

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