Glossary S

Self refers to a continuing inner sense of our personhood that organizes our perceptions of our experience. Includes feelings of worth, individuality, our relationship to others and the worl

- Self Assessment : Self Assessment refers to the process of evaluating one's own organizational or personal effectiveness. The term is sometimes recommended for restriction to processes that are focused on qua

Self Awareness (Self-Awareness) refers to a self-conscious state in which Attention focuses on oneself. Self Awareness makes people more sensitive to their own attitudes and dispositions .

Self Concept refers to set of values and beliefs , conscious or accessible to consciousness, as well as attitudes and opinions the individual has of himself or herself in relation to the other, the world, and whatever the mind can reach.

Self Construals refer to the ways of thinking about yourself and what bring you happiness:

1) Independent self-construal when a person see oneself as unique, stable, and has the ability

Self disclosure refers to the process in which therapists or counselors discuss aspects of their own lives in Order to enhance therapeutic progress with clients.

Self-Actualization refers to the process of reaching one's personal goals . According to Maslow, includes self- expression, creatively, connectedness, meaning, purpose, and direction in life.

self -actualizing refers to the process emphasized in Humanistic psychology in which people strive to achieve their highest potential against difficult life experiences.

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