Glossary S

Self -depreciation means devaluing oneself, one's body or part of it.

Self -discovery refers to the act or process of achieving self-knowledge. Moreover, Self-discovery refers to an active approach to learning in which the child is encouraged to use his or her

Self-efficacy refers to a sense that one is competent and effective, distinguished from self-esteem, one's sense of self worth and that one is capable of performing the behaviors that will produce desired outcomes in any particular situation.

TheSelf-evaluation maintenance theory refers to the theory that one's self-concept can be threatened by another individual's behavior and that the level of threat is determined by both the closeness of the other individual and the personal relevance of the behavior.

Self -fulfilling prophecy refers to the tendency for our expectations to evoke responses that confirm what we originally anticipated.

Self -Handicapping is protecting one's self-image with behaviors that create a handy excuse for later failure.

Self-Handicapping is creating obstacles and excuses for ourselves, so that if

Self -Handicapping Scale refers to a scale that measures how often people engage in Self-Handicapping behavior.

Self -harm refers to a wide range of things that people do to themselves in a deliberate and usually hidden way. It can involve various methods and degrees by which people may harm themselves

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