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Standard error
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SE is the abbreviations of Shared environmental influence, an environmental influence that people living together share and that should make these individuals similar to one another
Season-of-birth effect refers to the tendency for people born in winter to have a greater probability of developing schizophrenia than people born in other seasons.
- Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) : seasonal affective disorder (SAD ) refers to mood disorder involving a cycling of episodes corresponding to the seasons of the year, typically with depression occurring during the winter.

Seasonal affective pattern refers to Bipolar episode that tends to occur during a particular time of the year such as in late fall or early winter.

Seasonal pattern refers to a specifier for a depressive episode in which the individual has varying symptoms according to time of year, with symptoms usually developing during the sa

Secondary care refer to services provided by medical specialists who generally do not have first contact with patients, such as dermatologists, cardiologist, urologists, physical therapist, etc.
Secondary Deviance a term which results from official labeling and from Association with others who have been so labeled.

Secondary gain refers to the sympathy and attention that a sick person receives from other people.

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