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Scrapie in the context of psychology refers to a rare and fatal neurodegenerative disease that affects sheep and goats. While this term may not have an obvious connection to psychology, it can be used metaphorically to describe certain psychological conditions or phenomena that exhibit similar patterns of gradual, degenerative decline. This article will explore the concept of Scrapie in psychology, its potential applications, examples, and the associated risks.

Screen readers refer to computer software programs that are designed to read the text of menu commands and other navigation features aloud to an individual who has difficulty reading them on their own. Common screen readers are WindowEyes and JAWS (Job Access With Speech).

Screening refers to the identification of subjects at risk for a specific negative psychological outcome.

Scripts refer to knowledge structures relating to general events

Deutsch: Prüfung / Español: Escrutinio / Português: Escrutínio / Français: Examen minutieux / Italiano: Esame approfondito

Scrutiny in the psychology context refers to the close, critical examination or observation of one's own or others' thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. This process involves a detailed analysis aimed at understanding, diagnosing, or evaluating psychological states, patterns, and outcomes. In psychological practice and research, scrutiny is essential for gaining insights into the cognitive and emotional processes that underlie human behavior.

SD is the abbreviations of Discriminative stimulus, a stimulus that indicates whether or not a response will be reinforced; stimulus in the presence of which responses are reinforced and in the absence of which they are not reinforced.
SD (Discriminative stimulus) refers to ann environmental stimulus that is capable of eliciting a particular behavior ; for example, the sight of food may act as a discriminative stimulus for eating.
SDN is the abbreviations of Sexually dimorphic nucleus, a part of the medial preoptic Nucleus of the hypothalamus, larger in males than in females and linked to male sexual behavior.

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