Glossary S

Secondary process thinking is a term in Psychoanalytic theory which refers to the kind of thinking involved in logical and rational problem solving.

Secondary Reinforcer refers to a stimulus that gains reinforcing properties because it is associated with a primary reinforcer.

Secondary reinforcers refer to rewards that derive their value from association with primary reinforcers.

A secondary risk factor is a characteristic (age, gender, race, body fatness) or behavior that increases the risk of coronary heart disease when primary risk factors are present.

Secondary sex characteristics refer to the physical traits that develop during puberty and signal sexual maturity.

Secondary traumatization refers to the cumulative transformation in the inner experience that is the result of empathic engagement with another’s trauma. Secondary traumatization is a phenomenon frequently experienced by rescue workers such as police, paramedics, and other emergency workers.

Secondary-stage syphilis refers to the second stage of syphilis, occurring several months after infection, during which the Chancre has disappeared and a generalized body rash appears. Chancre is a painless, ulcerlike lesion with a hard, raised edge that is a symptom of syphilis.

Secure Attachment style refers to an Attachment style characterized by trust, a lack of concern with being abandoned, and the view that one is worthy and well-liked.

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