Glossary S

A Supply item is a test item to which the pupil responds by writing or constructing his/her own answer; short answer, completion, essay.

Support groups refers to any group or peer resource without a physician that offers support and help through common experience to an individual.

Supportive Psychotherapy refers to psychotherapy that seeks to strengthen patients' defenses and to provide them with reassurance, rather than to probe deeply into their conflicts.

Suppression refers to a conscious effort to put something out of mind or to keep it from awareness . Suppression is a defense mechanism .

Moreover, Suppression is consciously forgetting as

Suprachiasmatic nucleus refers to the part of the hypothalamus that controls the sleep-wake cycle

Surgery refers to a branch of medicine that involves cutting open the body to manually correct injuries and disorders and to diagnose injuries or diseases.

Survey method refers to a research tool which is used to gather information from a sample of people considered representative of a particular population, in which participants are asked to answer questions about the topic of concern.

Survival of the Fittest refers to a key concept in the theory of evolution, survival of the fittest can be understood as the idea that those organisms best adapted to their environment will be more successful than those who are not.

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