Glossary S

Suicidal refers to verbal statement(s) indicating that suicide is being considered.

suicidal attempt refers to effort made to kill oneself.

Suicidal ideation refer to thoughts about completing suicide.

Suicidal intent refers to a person's level of commitment to taking his/her own life.

Suicidal lethality refers to the dangerousness of a suicidal person's intended method of dying.

Suicidality in the field of psychology refers to a spectrum of thoughts, behaviors, and intentions related to suicide. It encompasses a range of experiences, from fleeting thoughts of self-harm to detailed suicide plans. Suicidality is a complex and critical issue, and understanding it is crucial for mental health professionals, friends, and family members to provide appropriate support and intervention.

Suicide refers to intentional self-killing. This may be done directly, or as a result of neglecting to look after oneself.

Suicide cluster is when two (2) or more suicides or attempted suicides non-randomly occur closely together in space or time.