Glossary S

Synapse refers to a gap at the end of a nerve fiber across which nerve impulses pass to the next neuron

Synapses refer to points of communication between neurons.

synaptic cleft refers to the space between nerve cells where chemical transmitters act to move impulses from one neuron to the next.

Synchronicity refers to a Jungian term for a meaningful coincidence that has a low probability of being a random or chance event.

Syndromatic Clues refer to behavioral, verbal, situational indicators of suicide risk

Syndrome refers to set of symptoms and signs that tend to occur together and which reflect the presence of a particular disease or an increased chance of developing a particular disease; a number of symptoms that occur together and characterize a specific illness or disease.

Synectics refers to a technique for improving problem solving in groups that uses creativity-building exercises to enhance members’ involvement and inventiveness

The synergist is a muscle that assists in the action of the agonist but are not primarily responsible for the action. The synergist is also known as a guiding muscle, it assists in refined movement and rule out undesired motions.

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