Glossary S

Syntactic Code refers to the logical, grammatical rules for constructing sentences that make sense
1) Colorless green ideas sleep furiously (syntactic correctness without clear semantic meaning)
2) Furiously sleep ideas green colorless (no syntactic or semantic meaning)

Syntax refers to the structure of a language, or the rules which specify how grammatical markers and words are combined to make meaningful sentences; the part of speech of a word (for instance, noun or adverb).

System refers to a group of things or parts connected in some way so as to form a whole.A system is also, the body, or a number of bodily organs functioning as a unit.

systematic desensitization refers to behavioral therapy technique to diminish excessive fears , involving gradual exposure to the feared stimulus paired with a positive coping experience, usually relaxation.

- Systematic desensitization therapy : Systematic desensitization therapy refers to a type of behavior therapy that attempts to reduce client anxiety through relaxation techniques and progressive exposure to feared stimuli.

Systems theory refers to a study of the relationship of parts in their context , emphasizing their unity and their relationship to each other. It is applied to biology, medicine, and other fields and is a basis for family systems therapy. Systems theory is also a term used in Psychopathology that refers to a framework for viewing human behavior through three (3) distinct frames of reference or “systems”—biological, psychological, and social; systems theory does not attempt to explain human behavior

The Systole is a part of the cardiac cycle in which the ventricles are contracting.

The Systolic Bood Pressure is the highest arterial pressure measured during a cardiac cycle.

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