Glossary S

Survivor guilt refers to self -blame for enduring after loss of loved one.

Survivors is a term used in industrial and organizational psychology that refer to employees who retain their jobs following a downsizing.

- Survivors (of bereavement) : Survivors (of bereavement ) refer to individuals who have found their way to healthy living after a death.

Survivors of suicide is a a phrase usually used to refer to individuals who experience the after-effects of the suicide of another; not ordinarily used to refer to individuals who attempt to end their lives but who do not succeed in their attempts

susceptibility is a term in genetics that refer to genes that only slightly increase the risk of developing the disorder, but in contrast to the deterministic genes, these are more common in the population.

Sustainability Science refers to the integrated study of society-nature interdependencies and the quest to balance economic, equity and environmental objectives in urban, regional and global development trajectories.

Sustained attention refers to the ability to maintain a persistent focus of Attention over time or when fatigued.

Moreover, it Sustained Attention to the ability to maintain an eff

Suture refers to the line of union between bones, such as the sagittal suture between the parietal bones of the skull.

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