Glossary S

A Summation is a repeated stimulation of a muscle that leads to an increase in tension compared to a single twitch.

A Summative assessment is the process of collecting, synthesizing, and interpreting information for the purposes of determining pupil learning and assigning grades; assessments made at the end of instruction or teaching.

Sumptuary is a term which relates to or regulates expenses. It means regulating personal habits or behavior on moral or religious grounds .

Sundowning refers to the phenomenon in which people with Alzheimer’s disease show an increase in symptoms later in the day. Sundowning also refers to the exacerbation of symptoms during the early evening hours experienced by individuals with delirium .

Sunk cost refers to an investment or loss of resources that cannot be recouped by current or future actions .

Sunk cost effect refers to a bias in decision making in which already “spent” costs unduly influence decisions on whether to continue.

Supercompensation refers to an increase in the muscle glycogen content above normal levels following an exercise-induced muscle glycogen depletion and an increase in carbohydrate intake.

Superego in Freudian theory refers to the aspect of the personality representing the internalization of society's values, standards, and morals; the inner consciousness, in direct opposition to the id.

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