Glossary S

Suicidal intent refers to a person's level of commitment to taking his/her own life.

Suicidal lethality refers to the dangerousness of a suicidal person's intended method of dying.

Suicide refers to intentional self-killing. This may be done directly, or as a result of neglecting to look after oneself.

Suicide cluster is when two (2) or more suicides or attempted suicides non-randomly occur closely together in space or time.

Suicide contagion refers to a phenomenon in which the suicide of a well-known person is linked to the acceptance of suicide by people who closely identify with that individual.
Suicide hot lines refer to organizations in which suicide crisis intervention is done over the phone.

Suicide Rehearsal means to try out of plan without intent to die (e.g., driving by a bridge).

- Suicide Syndrome : Suicide Syndrome refers to long-term self -destructive life process

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