Glossary A

Automatic affect refers to a quick response of liking or disliking toward something.

- Automatic attention response : Automatic attention response refers to processing of a specific and well-trained stimulus, such as a target letter, that automatically captures attention.

Automatic egotism refers to the response by the automatic System that states "everything good is me, and everything bad is not me”.

Automatic processing refers to thinking that is nonconscious, unintentional, involuntary, and effortless.

Automatic system refers to the part of the mind outside of Consciousness that performs simple operations.

Automatic thoughts refer to unreasonable and unquestioned ideas that rule a person's life and lead to depression and anxiety.

Automatic Thoughts refer to notions or ideas that occur without effort or choice, which can be dysfunctional, and lead to emotional responses. Automatic thoughts provide data about core beliefs.
Automaticity refers to the the ability to recall information from long-term memory without using short-term memory capacity.