Glossary A

Avoidant couples refers to couples who agree to disagree and who minimize conflict by avoiding each other.

- Avoidant insecure attachment : Avoidant insecure attachment refers to a second pattern of insecure attachment that is seen among babies who basically ignore their mothers, and usually show no strong signs of disturbance when she leaves the room. These babies are often observed to avoid their mothers during reunion episodes , or at least to greet her return rather casually.

Avoidant personality disorder refers to an enduring pattern of social discomfort, fear of negative evaluation, and timidity.

Avoiding style refers to the conflict style of a person who reacts to conflict by pretending that it does not exist.

Avoirdupois something sold or measured by weight based on 1 pound = 16 ounces

Avolition means lack of volition or will. It refers to a negative symptom of schizophrenia involving a loss of willpower, indecisiveness, and ambivalence.

Awareness characterizes the events in one’s experience that have been symbolized and therefore have entered consciousness.

Awareness as Self-Conciousness refers to May's two (2) aspect of Awareness: (1) Awareness as Self-Conciousness the ability to sense and integrate information about oneself, itself has two