Glossary A

Achieved status refers to the class, rank, status or position determined by education, occupation, income, and place of residence.

German: Leistung / Spanish: Logro / Portuguese: Realização / French: Réalisation / Italian: Realizzazione /

Achievement is what a person has learned from formal instruction, usually in school; that which is attained by one's efforts and presumed to be made possible by one's abilities.

Achievement attributions refers to the causal explanations that a person provides for his or her successes and failures.

Achievement expectancies is it how well (or poorly) a person expects to perform should he or she try to achieve a particular objective. They are cognitive expectations of succeeding or failing at a particular achievement-related activity

Achievement goals refer to targets people aspire to in achievement situations.

Achievement Motivation refers to our position on success and failure - are we striving to succeed or trying to avoid failing? As many coaches have stated, "Winners take responsibility and know where to place credit or blame, but Losers always look for excuses beyond their control."