Glossary B

Behavioral environment is a term which is according to Koffka refers to "subjective reality".

Behavioral family therapy refers to an approach to family therapy that views family relations in terms of reinforcement contingencies.

Behavioral field refers to a Gestalt concept defined in terms of the individual’s personal perception of reality; Behavioral field is also called the Psychological field.

Behavioral genetics is also spelled Behavioural genetics.

Other /More definition:
Behavioral genetics refers to the scientific study of how genotype interacts with environment to determine behavioral attributes such as intelligence, personality, and mental health  It is the branch of genetics that studies the inheritance of behavioral and psychological traits ; study of the relationship between genetic or hereditary factors  and personality traits.

Behavioral immunization refer to programs designed to inoculate people against adverse health habits by exposing them to mild versions of persuasive communications that try to engage them in a poor health practice and giving them techniques that they can use to respond effectively to these efforts.

- Behavioral inhibition : Behavioral inhibition refers to a set of behavioral traits including shyness, fearfulness, irritability , cautiousness, and introversion ; behaviorally inhibited children tend to avoid or withdraw from novel situations, are clingy with parents, and become excessively aroused when exposed to unfamiliar situations

Behavioral Inhibition refers to a subsystem of the brain that produces anxiety and inhibits ongoing behavior in the presence of novel events, innate fear stimuli, and signals of non-reward or punishment . A behavioral avoidance (or inhibition) system (BIS ) is said to regulate aversive motives, in which the goal is to move away from something unpleasant. Behavioral Inhibition is also known as BI.
- Behavioral Inhibition System : Behavioral Inhibition System refers to a subsystem of the brain that produces Anxiety and inhibits ongoing Behavior in the presence of novel events, innate Fear stimuli, and signals

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