Glossary B

BDV (Borna Disease Virus) is a neurotropic virus that primarily affects animals, especially horses and sheep, causing a range of neurological and behavioral symptoms. While BDV itself is not directly related to psychology, its impact on the central nervous system and behavior of infected animals has drawn attention from researchers in the fields of neurology and psychology.

Beat Drug refers to phoney of fake drugs or substances sold to buyers in place of actual/real drugs.

Beck Depression Inventory refers to a pencil and paper test used in conjunction with professional where subjects rate themselves on a variety of symptoms/experiences and is used to as

Aaron Beck was born in Providence, Rhode Island. He completed his undergraduate studies at Brown University and received his M.D. in Psychiatry at Yale University in 1946.

Becoming is the state of everything in the universe according to Heraclitus. Nothing is static and unchanging; rather, everything in the universe is dynamic, that is, becoming somethi

A bedroom is a private room in a house or apartment where people sleep and often keep their personal belongings. It typically contains a bed, dresser, and closet.

Bedwetting refers to involuntary urination in bed. Bedwetting is called "Enuresis, " from the Greek "enourin" meaning "to urinate in."Bedwetting which is also called Nocturnal Enuresis refers to involuntary passage of urine (urinary incontinence ) while asleep. Moreover, Bedwetting is a failure to control the bladder during the night. It is frequently used interchangeably with Enuresis, although Bedwetting refers to the behavior itself and Enuresis is a diagnostic category, related to the age of the child.

Deutsch: Verhalten / Spanish: Comportamiento / Portuguese: Comportamento / French: Comportement / Italian: Comportamento /

Behavior refers to the observable response a person makes to any situation. It also includes the reactions or movements made by an individual usually in relation to the environment.