Glossary B

body dysmorphic disorder (BDD ) refers to Somatoform disorder featuring a disruptive preoccupation with some imagined defect in appearance (i.e "imagined ugliness").

Body image refers to the person’s feelings and mental picture of his or her own body’s beauty.

Body language refers to gestures, postures, and facial expressions used to communicate nonverbally.

Body reading refer to the systematic observations used to understand energy blockages and tensions within the body.

Body-centered psychotherapy also called (body-oriented psychotherapy, body psychotherapy, direct body-contact psychotherapy, humanistic body psychotherapy) refers to any combination of: (a) psychotherapy and (b) massage therapy, touch therapy, or "movement techniques." Body-centered psychotherapy may include breathwork.

Boffin refers to a a scientist, especially one involved in research.

Bogardus social distance scale refers to a measurement technique for determining the willingness of people to participate in social relations - of varying degrees of closeness with other kinds of people. Bogardus social distance scale is an especially efficient technique in that several discrete answers may be summarized without losing any of the original details of the data.

Bogart is a term which means (1) To hog or to take more than the fair share of something; (2) To bully, act tough or to be belligerent. The term Bogart is after actor Humphrey Bogart (1900-1957) who played tough-guy movie roles.

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