Glossary B

Booboisie is defined as a segment of the general public composed of uneducated, uncultured persons.

Boodle is defined as an illegal payment, as in graft. The word is also used to mean "to take money dishonestly, especially from graft."
Bookkeeping model refers to information inconsistent with a stereotype that leads to a modification of the stereotype

A Borderline Personality Disorder refers to personality disorder marked by instability in various areas, impulsiveness, suicidal acts , self-mutilations, identity problems, and feelings of emptiness or boredom.

Bored With Life Syndrome (BWLS) refers to combined emotional feelings of depression, frustration, boredom and uselessness which manifest in married males and females after the initial sexual energy in their relationships has waned or disappeared.

Born criminal is a term which is according to Lombroso, a person born with features resembling an earlier, more primitive form of human life, destined to become a criminal.

Borna disease refers to a viral infection that affects the nervous system, producing results that range from exaggerated activity fluctuations to death.

BOS is the abbreviations of Behavioral observation scales, a method of performance Appraisal in which supervisors rate the frequency of observed behaviors.

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