Glossary B

Blind spot refers to an area of or point in the retina that lacks visual receptors because the optic nerve exits at this point.

Moreover, a Blind spot is the small area where the o

Blindness means a person may be "legally blind" with either 20/200 vision in both eyes with best correction, or a field of vision restricted to 200 or less

Blindsight refers to the ability to localize objects within an apparently blind visual field; traces of visual perceptual ability in blind areas. According to Weiskrantz, Blindsight is the effect of certain kinds of brain damage in which the subject has an inability to recognize objects but retains the ability to detect the presence and movement of objects It is the ability in those with cortical blindness to indicate that a stimulus is present, that it has moved, or that it is in a certain location, even though they have no conscious ability to "see" in the conventional sense.
Blocking is when an individual is not open to their own intuition and is analyzing, justifying and explaining their thoughts and experiences they are said to be blocking.

Blog refers to a website in which the host regularly posts commentaries on a topic that readers can respond to. A Blog is also compared to a diary using the internet, where a person can write whatever pleases him/her, including his/her experiences, daily activities, etc.

Blood boosting is a term that applies to the increase of the blood's hemoglobin concentration by the infusion of additional red blood cells. Blood boosting is medically termed induced erythrocythemia .

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