Glossary B

Blaxploitation is defined as an exploitation of Black people, especially in the American film industry, by casting them in negative, stereotypical roles and by failing to depict in the films the realities of Black life. Blaxploitation is usually used to modify another noun - the blaxploitation movies; the blaxploitation genre. The word is a blend of black and exploitation.
Blend means to become part of surrounding activities or culture . Blend is also used to refer to speech error in which two (2) or more words are combined.
Blended (or reconstituted) families refer to new families resulting from cohabitation or remarriage that include a parent, one or more children, and step-relations. It is a family consisting of a biological parent, a step-parent, and children

Blending inheritance refers to a discredited model of inheritance suggesting that the characteristics of an individual result from the smooth blending of fluid like influences from its pare

Blending Operations refer to assimilating officers into their surroundings
Blimey refers to an expression of surprise, dismay, etc. Said to be the contraction of "blind me" or "blame me", from "God blind/blame me".

Blind box ads refer to a recruitment advertisements/ads that instruct applicants to send their resume to a box at the newspaper; neither the name nor the address of the company is pro

Blind experiment refer to an experiment in which subjects do not know whether or not they are in the treatment condition

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