Glossary B

BMI is the abbreviations of Body Mass Index , an estimate of obesity determined by body weight and height. Weight (in kilograms) divided by height (in meters) squared (kg/m2). It is an adjusted ratio of weight to height; used to define “overweight”; a ratio of body weight and height that is related to total body fat.

Bobbsey twins is defined as two (2) people who appear, think, or do alike. Bobbsey twins is a term which is derived from the characters in a children's book series created in 1904 and published under the pen name of Laura Lee Hope .

Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligence refers to the ability to control body movements and handle objects skillfully. These learners express themselves through movement.

Body armor or Muscular armor refers to a protective mechanism in the individual to deal with the punishment that comes from acting on instinctual demands, such as defecating in public.

Body awareness when patients may move or change positions and develop more awareness of their body.

Body donation means making a gift of a human body for research, scientific or educational purposes

Body dysmorphic disorder or BDD refers to a somatoform disorder in which individuals are preoccupied with the idea that a part of their body is ugly or defective. Moreover, BDD refers to a disorder characterized by the affected individual’s preoccupation about some imagined defect in his or her body, causing extreme self -consciousness, embarrassment, avoidance of activities, and body camouflaging.

body dysmorphic disorder refers to syndrome involving obsessive concern over a part of the body the individual believes is defective

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