Glossary B

Bogus pipeline refers to a procedure that fools people into disclosing their attitudesParticipants are first convinced that a machine can use their psychological responses to measure their private attitudes, then they are asked to predict the machine's Reading, thus revealing their attitudes.

Bohr effect refers to the right shift of the oxyhemoglobin dissociation curve due to a decrease of blood pH. Results in a decreased affinity for oxygen.

Boiler room is a term used in Forensic psycholgy that refers to an operation run by one or more stock manipulators who, through deception and misleading sales techniques, seduce the unsuspecting and uninformed public into buying stocks in obscure and often poorly financed corporations.

Bona fide group refers to a naturally occurring group, particularly when compared to an ad hoc group created by a researcher in a laboratory study, such as an audience , board of directors , club or team.

Bona fide occupational qualification is a term used in industrial and organizational psychology that refers to a selection requirement that is necessary for the performance of job-related duties and for which there is no substitute.

Bondage and discipline refers to the use of physical or psychological restraint to enforce servitude, from which both participants derive sensual pleasure.

- Bondage and discipline (B&D) prostitute : Bondage and discipline (B&D) prostitute refers to a prostitute who is paid to engage in bondage and discipline fantasy play with clients.

Bonding refers to the process of forming bonds of attachment between parent and child. Bonding is the strong affectionate ties that parents may feel toward their infant. Some theorists believe that the strongest "bonding" occurs shortly after birth, during a sensitive period.

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