Glossary B

Black English refers to a dialect of American English used mostly, but not exclusively by members of the African American community , which is characterized by some special rules of pronunciation and syntax .

Black-sheep effect refers to the the tendency for group members to evaluate a disliked ingroup member who performs an offensive behavior more harshly than an outgroup member who performs the same offense

Blackout refers to Amnesia for events that occurred during intoxication. It is the failure to recall events that occurred while drinking even though there is no loss of consciousness

Blaming the victim refers to our tendency to blame individuals (make dispositional attributions) for their victimization, typically motivated by a desire to see the world as a fair place

Blank lineup refers to a group of individuals that does not include the suspect; everyone in the lineup is known to be innocent It is a lineup in which all the lineup members are known to be innocent of the crime
Blarney is a term which is defined as: (1) Flattery (2) Misleading talk. The word which is after the Blarney stone, a stone in Blarney Castle in Blarney village, near Cork, Ireland which, according to legend, gives the gift of the gab to anyone who kisses it.
Blastocyst refers to the hollow ball of embryonic cells that enters the uterus from the Fallopian tube and eventually implants. It is a stage within the germinal period of pre-natal development in which the zygote has the form of a sphere of cells surrounding a cavity of fluid.

Blatherskite is defined as 1. A person who babbles about inane matters. 2. Nonsense or foolish talk.

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