Glossary C

Couples therapy refers to a form of psychotherapy in which a couple whether married, unmarried, or same-sex meets with one or more therapists/clinicians to work on any number of issues.

Courage is a term which according to Existentialists refers to that attribute necessary for living an authentic life because such a life is characterized by uncertainty.

Course refers to the pattern of development and change of a disorder over time.

Courtesan refers to a prostitute who usually interacts with men of rank or wealth.

Courtship disorder refers to a Theory of paraphilias that a person"s paraphilia stems from being stuck in a preliminary stage of normal courtship progression.

Couvade refers to a Condition in which the father (or other relative) experiences the symptoms of pregnancy, childbirth, or both without an actual pregnancy.

Covalent bond refers to a chemical bond between two (2) atoms that share electrons.

Covariation refers to a principle for something to be the cause of a behavior, it must be present when the Behavior occurs and absent when the Behavior does not occur.