Glossary C

Covert observation means watching and recording group behavior without the participant's knowledge

Covert Operations means undercover investigations
Covert reinforcement means using positive imagery to reinforce desired behavior.

Covert self -control refers to the manipulation and alteration of private events, such as thoughts, through principles of reinforcement and self-instruction.

covert sensitization refers to cognitive –behavioral intervention to reduce unwanted behaviors by having clients (patients) imagine the extremely aversive consequences of the behaviors and establish negative rather than positive associations with them.

Covert sensitization therapy refers to the pairing of mental images of alcohol with other images of highly unpleasant consequences resulting from its use in order to create an aversive reaction to the sight and smell of alcohol and reduce drinking

A coworker refers to an individual with whom one shares a work environment and collaborates on professional tasks or projects. In the psychology context, the dynamics between coworkers can significantly influence an individual's job satisfaction, performance, and overall well-being at work. Relationships with coworkers are central to the social aspect of work life, affecting motivation, engagement, and the development of a supportive work culture. Psychological research into coworker relationships examines how these interactions contribute to or detract from a positive work environment, exploring aspects such as teamwork, communication, conflict resolution, and the impact of coworker relationships on stress and mental health.

Cowper’s gland refers to one of a pair of glands located under the prostate gland on either side of the urethra that secretes a fluid into the urethra. Cowper's gland is also called a Bulbourethral gland.