Glossary C

Counselor refers to a mental health professional who specializes in helping people with problems not involving serious mental disorder or psychiatric problems; for example, marriage

Count noun is defined as a noun that takes the plural morpheme and refers to an object with clear boundaries, such as a stick. Count noun is also called an Individual noun.
Counter Dependant refers to a person who resists being dependant.

Counter-conditioning treatment which is done if the person is far too fearful to attempt flooding, then counter-conditioning can be an option.

Counter-Conditioning is replacing one response to a given stimulus with a different response.

Counterattitudinal advocacy refers to the process that occurs when a person states an opinion or attitude that runs counter to his or her private belief or attitude

Counterbalancing is a term describing any technique used to vary systematically the order of conditions in an experiment to distribute the effects of time of testing, for example; practice and fatigue, so they are not confounded with conditions.

Counterconditioning refers to the process of replacing an undesired response to a stimulus with an acceptable response; the procedure whereby a CS that elicits one type of response is associated with an event that elicits an incompatible response.