Glossary C

Deutsch: Corticales Mosaik / Español: Mosaico cortical / Português: Mosaico cortical / Français: Mosaïque corticale / Italiano: Mosaico corticale /

Cortical mosaic is a term which according to Pavlov refers to the pattern of points of excitation and inhibition that characterizes the cortex at any given moment.

Corticalization is an increase in the relative size of the Cerebral cortex.

Corticogenesis refers to the development of the cortex of the brain.
Corticospinal Tracts refer to axon paths from the cerebral cortex to the spinal cord

Cortisol refer to a Stress hormone produced by the adrenal glands.

Cosa Nostra refers to a term signifying organized crime, and one of a variety of names for the mafia, the mob, etc. Literally, it means 'our thing'
Other /More definition:
Cosa Nostra is a term which literally means "our thing" and refers to or signifies organized crime, and one of a variety of names for the "Mafia," the "Outfit," the "Mob," the "syndicate," or "the organization."

Cosmic transcendence refer to feelings of cosmic communion with the spirit of the universe, and a redefinition of time, space, life and death.

Cosmology refers to the study of the origin, structure, and processes governing the universe.