Glossary C

Countercontrol refers to the deliberate manipulation of environmental events to alter their impact on our behavior.

Countercoup injury refers to a type of closed head injury sustained at the pole opposite from where the primary injury occurs because the brain "tears"" away from the skull.

Deutsch: Gegenkulturbewegungen / Español: Movimientos contraculturales / Português: Movimentos contraculturais / Français: Mouvements contre-culturels / Italiano: Movimenti di controcultura

Counterculture movements refer to social groups that reject and oppose the dominant cultural norms, values, and practices of their society. In the psychology context, these movements are studied to understand their impact on individual identity, social behaviour, and collective consciousness.

Counterfactual reasoning refers to the ability to reason about an event that is contrary to fact.

Counterfactual thinking literally means "contrary to the facts". It also refers to thinking about "what might have been"; imagining what might have happened, but did not.

Counterfactual thoughts refer to reflections on how past events might have turned out differently.

Counterfeiting refers to the fraudulent reproduction of original documents/instruments in a manner that enables the fraudster to pass them off as genuine/original items.

Deutsch: Gegennachahmung / Español: Contraimitación / Português: Contracópia / Français: Contre-imitation / Italiano: Controimitazione /

Counterimitation means learning what should not be done by observing the behavior.