Glossary C

Cue-dependent forgetting is forgetting that results from the absence of cues that were present during training .

Cued recall refers to a recollection that is prompted by a cue associated with the setting in which the recalled event originally occurred. In memory research, Cued recall is a task in which a participant recalls information after being given prompts or cues. Cued recall is also known as Prompted recall .

Culminating phase refers to a a phase of early adulthood that ranges from ages 33 to 45.

Cult refers to a  group that professes great devotion to some person and follows that person almost without question; cult members are typically victimized by their leaders in various ways.

Cultivated sources refer to people who have special information regarding a particular crime.

Cultivation is a term in communications theory that refers to the view that exposure to the mass media (newspaper, television, etc) makes people think that what they see there represents the mainstream of what really occurs.

Cultural animal refers to the view that evolution shaped the human psyche so as to enable humans to create and take part in culture
Cultural assimilation is defined as the process whereby a minority cultural group takes on the characteristics of the dominant cultural group.

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