Glossary C

Culture fair tests refer to intelligence tests constructed to minimize any irrelevant cultural biases in test content that could influence test performance.

Culture of honor refers to a social network in which men are taught from an early age to defend their reputation for strength by responding to insults or threats with aggression . It is a a society that places high value on individual respect, strength, and virtue, and accepts and justifies violent action in response to threats to one’s honor

Culture Shock refers to the discomfort experienced by people on encountering and trying to adjust to unfamiliar cultural practices.

Culture-Bound Syndromes refer to recurrent patterns of maladaptive behaviors and/or troubling experiences which are specifically associated with different cultures or localities.

Culture-fair means equally appropriate and fair for members of all cultures.

Culture -fair intelligence tests refer to intelligence tests devised using items common to many cultures
Culture-fair IQ test refers to a tests that are fair for all members in a culture .

Culture-fair test refers to a test, as in intelligence test that is designed to minimize the importance of skills and knowledge that may be more common in some cultures than in others.