Glossary E

Externalizing the problem means making the problem the opponent, not the child or family . Hence, "removing guilt " becomes the focus of therapy rather than the person's guilty feelings .

Exteroceptive stimulation is a term that relates to sensations associated with external stimuli and involving the senses of vision, hearing, taste, and smell. (see Proprioceptive stimulation )

Extinction refers to the gradual disappearance of a behaviour after it is not followed by a reinforcer.

Extinction burst refers to a temporary increase in the frequency and intensity of responding when Extinction is first implemented.

- Extinction method : Extinction method refers to a method of measuring forgetting by comparing the rate of extinction after a retention interval with the rate of extinction immediately after training .

Extracellular thirst is defined as thirst caused by a reduction in the volume of fluids found between body cells.

Extradural hematoma refers to bleeding that occurs between the skull and the dura which is less frequent than the Subdural hematoma. Extradural hematomas are most likely caused by a tearing of the large middle meningeal arteries.

Extradyadic sex means having sex with someone other than one’s regular relationship partner, such as a spouse or boy/girlfriend

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