Glossary E

Exurb is defined as a residential area outside a city and beyond its suburbs that is typically inhabited by well-to-do families.

Eye is defined as the eyeball and its contents, which include focusing elements , the retina, and supporting structures.

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) refers to highly vontroversial therapy for trauma survivors in which a client attends to the image of the trauma, thoughts about the trauma, and the physical sensations of anxiety aroused by the trauma while the therapist quickly moves a finger back and forth in front of the client's eyes to elicit a series of repeated, rapid, jerky, side-to-side eye movements ("saccades").

Eye pointing refers to the way of communicating where the person uses their eyes to look in the direction of a particular item or symbol to indicate choice.

Eye-voice span refers to the lag between eye position and voice when reading aloud, about six (6) or seven (7) words.
Eyeservice is defined as a work done only when the employer is present; refers to the service performed only when the employer is watching.

In psychology, an eyewitness refers to an individual who has witnessed a crime or other significant event and can provide testimony about what they saw. Eyewitness testimony can be a valuable source of evidence in criminal investigations and trials, but it is also subject to various biases and limitations that can impact its accuracy and reliability.