Glossary E

Eating Disorders are characterized by a disturbance in eating behavior. There are two main types of eating disorders,

Eating Disorders, Not Otherwise Specifi ed (EDNOS) refers to a category of eating disorders that includes problems that do not quite fulfill criteria for anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa.

Eavesdroppers is defined as individuals/persons who listen in on conversations without the participants' awareness .
Ebrious means inclined to excessive drinking. Moreover, the word means tipsy. Ebrious is synonymous to the words inebriated and sobriety

- EBS (Electronic brainstorming) : EBS is teh acronym of Electronic brainstorming which means generating ideas and solving problems using computer-based communication methods such as online discussions and real-time e-mail rather than face-to-face sessions.

Ebullient means bubbling with enthusiasm or excitement.
Eccentric action is an action that occurs when a muscle is activated and force is produced but the muscle lengthens.

Eccentric contraction is defined as a contraction in which the muscle lengthens in an attempt to control the motion which occurs at the joints which it crosses, characterized by the force of gravity or applied resistance being greater than the contractile force.