Glossary E

Ectopic pregnancy is defined as the implantation of the fertilized egg outside the uterus, such as in the Fallopian tubes or abdomen.

Edema may be defined as: (1) the swelling of the brain (2) accumulation of fluid
- Edmund Husserl (1859-1938) : Edmund Husserl called for a pure phenomenology that sought to discover the essence of subjective experience. Please see also Pure Phenomenology.
- Eduard Hitzig (1838-1907) : Eduard Hitzig discovered motor areas on the cortex by directly stimulating the exposed cortex of a dog

To Educate somebody (e.g. pupils) is equivalent to change the behavior of pupils; or with other words: to teach pupils to do things they could not previously do.

Educational Consultant: is defined as someone who advises on educational planning, placement for at-risk students, and general counseling on educational placement.

Educational neglect refers to the Failure to provide for a child"s basic educational needs, including allowing chronic truancy, failing to enroll a child of mandatory school age in school, and failing to attend to a special educational need.

Educational objectives is defined as statements that describe a pupil accomplishment that will result from instruction, specifically, the behavior the pupil will learn to perform and the content on which it will be performed.