Glossary E

Educational objectives is defined as statements that describe a pupil accomplishment that will result from instruction, specifically, the behavior the pupil will learn to perform and the content on which it will be performed.
Educational psychologists refer to kind/type of psychologists who study methods by which instructors teach and students learn and who apply their results to improving such methods.

Educational psychology refers to the branch of psychology which applies psychological principles to our understanding of the educational process and children"s learning and adjustment in edu

Edwin Boring (1886-1968) - an early historian of psychology, Boring conducted key Research on sensation. Some of his major works are: History of Experimental Psychology (1929), Psychologist

- Edwin Ray Guthrie (1886-1959) : Edwin Ray Guthrie accepted the Law of contiguity but not the Law of frequency . For him, learning occurs at full strength after just one association between a pattern of stimuli and a response. Please see also Law of contiguity .

- EE (Expressed Emotion) : - EE (Expressed Emotion ) : EE otherwise known as Expressed emotion refers to an index of the degree to which family members speak in ways that reflect criticism, hostile feelings , and emotional over-involvement or over-concern with regard to the Schizophrenic individual.

EEG is the acronym of Electroencephalogram, a measure of changes electrical activity of the brain.

EEG Biofeedback therapy, also known as neurofeedback, is a type of Biofeedback therapy specifically utilizing brain-wave informati