Glossary E

Eccentric force refers to force that is applied in a direction not in line with the center of rotation of an object with a fixed axis . In objects without a fixed axis, it is an applied force that is not in line with the object's center of gravity.
- ECG (Electrocardiogram) : ECG is the acronym of Electrocardiogram which is a measure of electrical signals of the heart.
Echo is defined as a sensory memory for auditory stimuli.

Echoic memory refers to a brief continuation of sensory activity in the auditory system after a sound is heard.
Echolalia refers to a speech disorder in which the person inappropriately and automatically repeats the last words he or she has heard.

Echolalic speech refers to a speech that merely repeats part of what the previous speaker said. Producing Echolalic speech is a characteristic of individuals with autism.

Echolocation means locating objects by sending out high-frequency pulses and sensing the echo created when these pulses are reflected from objects in the environment. Echolocation is used by bats and dolphins.

Echopraxia refers to repetitive imitation of another person's movements; a pathological repetition or mimicry of physical gestures and movements of others by a person with catatonic-type schizophrenia.