Glossary E

EEG Biofeedback therapy, also known as neurofeedback, is a type of Biofeedback therapy specifically utilizing brain-wave informati

EEOC guidelines refer to a set of procedures created by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to ensure fairness in employment practices. The EEOC guidelines discuss the minimum requirements for the validity and reliability of the psychological tests used for employee selection.
Efface means to rub out or wipe out to become thin.

Effacement is defined as the shortening of the cervical canal preceding childbirth.

Deutsch: Effekt

In psychology, an effect refers to the influence that one variable has on another. In psychological research, an effect is typically measured by comparing the outcomes of two or more groups that are different in some way, with one group serving as a control group and the other(s) as an experimental group.

Effect of the missing fundamental means removing the fundamental frequency and other lower harmonies from a musical tone does not change the tone’s pitch. Please see also Periodicity pitch.

Effect size is defined as the size of the treatment effect that is determined statistically. It is the measured magnitude of the effect of an experimental treatment which is used in meta-analysis , a statistic that indicates the amount of change caused by an experimental manipulation .

Effect size (d) is a measure used in meta-analysis , defined as the difference in mean scores between two (2) groups , divided by the average standard deviation for the two (2) groups.

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