Glossary E

Experimental studies is defined as studies in which the independent variables are directly manipulated and the effects on the dependent variable are examined

Experimental subjects refer to humans who is also referred to as participants or animals whose behavior is investigated in an experiment .
Experimenter bias refers to the iInfluence of the experimenter''s expectations or personal beliefs on the findings of a study. Experimenter bias is a type of artifact and threatens bo

Experimenter effects refer to artifactual results due to the presence of an experimenter

Experimenter Expectancy effect refers to the influence on the performance of experimental participants generated by an experimenter"s beliefs or hypotheses, which somehow get subtly t

Experimenter expectancy effects is defined as a process by which experimenters unwittingly lead participants to confirm the experimenters' hypothesis.
Experiments refer to creative approaches or techniques used by the therapist to deal with an impasse in therapy brought about by the client’s difficulty in achieving awareness .

Expert power refers to influentiality that derives from subordinates’ assumption that the powerholder possesses superior skills and abilities.

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