Glossary E

Effect of the missing fundamental means removing the fundamental frequency and other lower harmonies from a musical tone does not change the tone’s pitch. Please see also Periodicity pitch.

Effect size is defined as the size of the treatment effect that is determined statistically. It is the measured magnitude of the effect of an experimental treatment which is used in meta-analysis, a statistic that indicates the amount of change caused by an experimental manipulation.

Effect size (d) is a measure used in meta-analysis, defined as the difference in mean scores between two (2) groups, divided by the average standard deviation for the two (2) groups.

Effective communication is defined as interactions whose specific acts are responsive to the needs of the other and are carried out in a thoughtful and caring way; both the content of the exchange and the ways in which it is expressed and understood are important

Effective dose refers to the dose at which a given percentage of individuals show a particular effect of a drug
Effective schools is defined as schools that are generally successful at achieving curricular and non-curricular objectives, regardless of the racial, ethnic, or socioeconomic background of the student population

Effective temperature refers to the combination of air temperature, humidity, airflow, and heat radiation that determines how hot or cold the environment feels.
Effectiveness rates is defined as estimated rates of the number of women who do not become pregnant each year using each method of contraception.