Glossary E

Effortful processes is defined as cognitive processes that consume some of the information-processing system 's limited capacity and are hypothesized to: (1) be available to conscious awareness , (2) interfere with the execution of other processes, (3) improve with practice, and (4) be influenced by individual differences in intelligence, motivation, or education Contrast with Automatic processes.

Effortful processing that which requires all the available attentional capacity when processing information.

EFT is the abbreviations of Emotionally focused couples therapy which refers to a form of couples therapy that is based on the assumption that marital distress results from negative a

The Ego is in the Freudian theory the aspect of the personality involved in self-preservation activities, and directing instinctual drives (the id) into appropriate social channels.

Ego analysis refers to an alternative to traditional Psychoanalysis that is characterized by relative de-emphases on the role of the unconscious and the exploration of childhood experience and relative emphases on the adaptive functions of the ego, examples, perception, learning , memory and the exploration of contemporary problems in living.
Ego anxiety when individuals’ sense of self worth is threatened and they feel that they must perform well. There is a belief that if individuals don’t get or do what they want, the results will be awful or catastrophic.
Ego defense mechanisms refer to the strategies available to the ego for distorting the anxiety-provoking aspects of reality, thus making them more tolerable.

Ego development is defined as the fundamental changes in the ways in which our thoughts, values , morals, and goals are organized. Transitions from one stage to another depend on both internal biological changes and external social changes to which the person must adapt.

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