Glossary E

Effete means worn out; no longer fertile or productive. It also means weak, ineffectual; marked by decadence or self -indulgence and effeminate.

Efficacy is defined as the tendency of a drug to activate a particular kind of receptor; the most intense, or peak, level of a drug effect
Efficacy expectations is a term that refer to children's beliefs that they can adequately perform a modeled behavior.

Efficacy studies refer to assessments of therapeutic effectiveness based on well-controlled investigation of well-defined clinical problems.

Efficient cause is a term which according to Aristotle is the force that transforms a thing.

Effort justification is creating a conflict between attitudes and behavior when people make great efforts to achieve a relatively modest goal . Effort justification is the finding that when people suffer or work hard or make sacrifices, they will try to convince themselves that it is worthwhile

Effort justification paradigm refers to a research methodology used to test Dissonance theory , which arouses dissonance by getting people to invest time or energy to achieve a goal that may not be worthwhile

Effortful control refers to a child's ability to suppress a dominant response and perform a sub-dominant response instead. Moreover, Effortful control is referrring to the temperamental attribute that reflects one’s ability to focus and/or shift attention as called for by the situation and to suppress dominant or inappropriate responses in favor of those more appropriate for the situation

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