Glossary E

Ego ideal refers to a representation in the child of Values that are approved by the parents. It is present in the Superego as a concern with movement toward perfectionist goals .

Ego Identity refers to the self -image formed during Adolescence that integrates our ideas of what we are and what we want to be.

Ego integrity refers to the maintenance of one's sense of wholeness.

Ego needs refers to the fourth step in Maslow’s hierarchy , concerning the individual’s need for recognition and success.

Ego psychology is defined as Psychoanalytic theory that emphasizes the role of the ego in development and attributes psychological disorders to failure of the ego to manage impulses and internal conflicts.

Ego Resilience refers to a person"s ability to respond adaptively and resourcefully to new situations.

Ego strength refers to the ability of the ego to manage internal conflicts so the person can cope with life demands and pursue hea

Ego-defensive attitudes when we adapt our attitudes so that they seem to confirm the decisions we have already made

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