Glossary F

- FSH (Follicle-stimulating hormone) : FSH which is the acronym of Follicle-stimulating hormone refers to the anterior pituitary hormone that promotes the growth of follicles in the ovary

- FTT (Failure to thrive) : FTT or Failure to thrive refers to a condition in which the child does not grow physically and cognitively at a normal rate due to poor pre-natal care or grossly inadequate and inattentive parenting.

Full-blown episode refers to a stage in the disease process in which the affected individual experiences the full spectrum of symptoms for that disease.

Fully functioning person is defined as a person living in harmony with her or his deepest feelings , impulses, and intuitions : person who meets his or her own need for positive regard rather than relying on the expectations of others; psychologically healthy individual who is able to enjoy life as completely as possible. Such individuals are open to new experiences and not defensive. Fully functioning person is Rogers's term for Self-actualization , for developing all facets of the self .

Fun is a term which include hobbies (knitting, scrapbooking) and things a person do for amusement such as sports, reading, collecting, laughing, and joking.

Function is defined as a line or curve illustrating the relationship of one variable to another. In developmental psychology , Function is an action related to a structure, such as movement of a muscle, firing of a nerve , or activation of a mental representation ; contrast with structure. Please see also Bidirectionality of structure and function.

Function morphemes is defined as a morpheme that adds detail and nuance to the meaning of the content morphemes or helps the content morphemes fit the grammatical context
Function word is defined as a word such as an article, preposition, or conjunction that plays a secondary role in the meaning of a sentence. Please see also Content word.

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