Glossary F

Frontotemporal Dementias refer to Dementias that involve the frontotemporal area of the brain.
Frotteur refers to a person suffering with the paraphilia of frotteurism.

Frotteurism refers to a sexual diorder wherein obtainment of sexual gratification is by rubbing one's genitals against or fondling the body parts of a nonconsenting person

Froufrou means something fancy, elaborate, and showy.

Frustration refers to the feeling that accompanies an experience of being thwarted in attaining your goals.

Frustration aggression theory refers to the theory that frustration triggers a readiness to aggress.

Frustration-aggression hypothesis refers to the theory that all frustration leads to aggression, and all aggression comes from frustration.

Frustration-aggression theory refers to the theory that frustration-the perception that you are being prevented from obtaining a goal-will increase the probability of an aggressive response

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