Glossary F

French paradox refers to the fact that most people in France have a diet that is high in fat but still have lower rates of heart disease.

Frenulum is defined as the fold of skin on the underside of the penis.
Frequency may be defined as the number of sound waves per second. In the case of a sound wave that repeats itself, such as the sine wave of a pure tone, Frequency is the number of times per second that the wave repeats itself.

Frequency distribution is defined as a plot of the number of scores occurring for each score value or for two (2) or more limited ranges of score values . It is an organized display of a set of scores that shows how many scores are located in each category on the scale of measurement ; the systematic arrangement of scores on a measure to reflect how frequently each value on the measure occurred. Moreover, Frequency distribution is defined as a description of the number of times the various attributes of a variable are observed in a sample. The report that 60 percent of a sample were married and 40 percent were single, is a simple example of a Frequency distribution.

Frequency method refers to a technique for converting observations into numerical scores that involves counting the instances of each specific behavior that occur during a fixed-time observation period, in behavioral observation

Frequency of use principle refers to the notion that the arrangement of equipment, displays, and controls should be laid out in such a way that the most frequently used components are in the most accessible positions.

Frequency spectrum is defined as a plot that indicates the amplitudes of the various harmonics that make up a complex tone. Each harmonic is indicated by a line that is positioned along the frequency axis , with the height of the line indicating the amplitude of the harmonic.
Frequency theory refers to a concept that pitch perception depends on differences in frequency of action potentials by auditory neurons; holds that tones up to 4,000 hertz are converted to nerve impulses that match the frequency of each tone.

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