Glossary F

Frequency tuning curve refers to a curve relating frequency and the threshold intensity for activating an auditory neuron.

Fresco is defined as a type of painting done on wet plaster so that the plaster dries with the colors incorporated into it.

Fresh starts means self -repair in which the speaker replaces the original syntactic structure with a new one. Please see also Anticipatory retracing and Instant repair.

Freudian Psychoanalysis refers to a theoretical approach that seeks to explain behavior by looking at the deep unconscious forces inside the person. Psychoanalysis is a school of Psychology that stresses the conflict between the animalistic impulses possessed by humans and the human desire to live in a civilized society.

Freudian slip refers to a seemingly innocent misstatement that reveals unconscious associations .

Fricative refers to a category of consonants produced by partially obstructing the flow of air; for example, F in fat and S; a consonant in which the vocal tract is partially closed during articulation

Friction is defined as a force that results from the resistance between the surfaces of two (2) objects moving upon one another.

Friedrich Nietzche one of the major contributors to Existential thought. Developed concepts of will-to-power and overman (Ubermensch). Nietzsche rejected religion in favor of the individual that lies in contradiction to the moral conformity of the majority, unlike Kierkegaars, who channeled individualism while staying connected to Christianity

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