Glossary F

Frontal eyes is defined as the eyes located in front of the head, so the views of the two (2) eyes overlap.

Frontal lobe assists in motor control and cognitive activities, such as planning, making decisions , setting goals , and relating the present to the future through purposeful behavior. --->Frontal Lobes.

Frontal lobes refer to the area of the brain located at the front of each cerebral Hemisphere which is responsible for the functions underlying much of our thinking and reasoning abilities, including memory .

Frontal operculum cortex is an area in the Frontal lobe of the cortex that receives signals from the taste system.

Frontal plane is defined as plane that bisects the body laterally from side to side, dividing it into front and back halves. Frontal plane is also known as the Lateral or Coronal plane .

Frontostriatal circuitry of the brain refers to a structure of the brain consisting of the prefrontal cortex and the basal ganglia ; associated with attention, executive functions, de

Frontotemporal dementias refers to Dementias that involve the frontotemporal area of the brain.

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