Glossary F

- Functional MRI (fMRI) : Functional MRI also known as fMRI refers to functional magnetic resonance imaging that records brain activity.
Functional Play a term which is also for relational play which can be seen between 9-24 months , denoting use of objects in play for the purposes for which they were intended, e.g., using simple objects correctly, combining related objects (a female doll in a beauty parlor), and making objects do what they are made to do.

Functional relations refer to relations among words that indicate what can be done with the referent of a word. For example, words such as sitting, rest, and rocking indicate what can be done with a chair.
Functional relationship refers to the relationship between changes in an independent variable and changes in a dependent variable ; a cause-and-effect relationship .

Functional résumé is defined as a résumé format in which jobs are grouped by function rather than listed in order by date.

Functional solution refers to a detailed, practical, and workable solution.

Functional somatic syndromes refer to syndromes that marked by the symptoms, suffering, and disability it causes rather than by any demonstrable tissue abnormality.

Functional systems is defined as a concept which was first formulated by Luria in which behavior results from interaction among many areas of the brain.

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