Glossary F

Functional résumé is defined as a résumé format in which jobs are grouped by function rather than listed in order by date.

Functional solution refers to a detailed, practical, and workable solution.

Functional somatic syndromes refer to syndromes that marked by the symptoms, suffering, and disability it causes rather than by any demonstrable tissue abnormality.

Functional systems is defined as a concept which was first formulated by Luria in which behavior results from interaction among many areas of the brain.
Functional theory of group decision making refers to a conceptual analysis of the steps or processes that groups generally follow when making a decision, with a focus on the intended purpose of each step or process in the overall decision-making sequence.
Functional tolerance refers to the decreased behavioral effects of a drug as a result of its regular use

Functional-equivalence hypothesis refers to belief that although visual imagery is not identical to visual perception, it is functionally equivalent to it

Functionalism is a term in the Psychology of Language that refers to the theory that the structure of language has a basis in the communicative functions language serves.

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